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Alarming Rate of Mould Growth in Underground Carpark in Parramatta after a Flood

High-density law change in Sydney has created a frenzy for builders to build high-rise residential blocks in every suburb in the past 3 years. Council planning rules also have relaxed for these builders to come in and build higher and lower into the ground. One of the main environmental impacts is the creation of underground car parks, it's a trap for water and moisture. Turning underground car parks across Sydney into underground swimming pools.

Water intrusion causing mould in apartments

Another major problem is the rooftop gardens or some buildings it's on the middle level, we have seen many apartment buildings have poor quality waterproofing installed on these public areas inside the building. As a result water intrusion into many tenants' units.

windows next to an outdoor garden with water intrusion into the wall

The image above shows an outdoor area inside an apartment in Parramatta next to a bedroom

We have seen almost 90% of all underground car parks and about 60% of the rooftop gardens in Sydney apartments were flooded during the rain in February 2022. The majority of water intrusion will result in some kind of mould growth. The below image is one of our recent site inspections of a unit in the Parramatta area affected by a water intrusion from a rooftop garden and as a result a high level of active mould growth in one of the bedrooms.

mould carpet caused by water intrusion from outdoor garden

Mould Inspection Sydney

Our site inspectors have seen the above problems replicated right across the Sydney metro area. The main concern is the safety of the tenants living in these units have no other options but to live in the same unit until the problem is fixed by their landlord or when they have money to pay for remediation work. With the high cost of living in Sydney and low vac vacant rental availability, we have seen clients have no choice but continue to live in this kind of environment.

With constant rental act changes in a bid to boost investment property, the Australian Government may have forgotten about the 2.6 Million renters to put in clear and adequate laws to make landlords more accountable to provide a clean and safe environment for tenants when it comes to mould infestations.

Getting Landlord to Pay for Mould Removal

A recent article from the Guardian has hit the nail on the head in regards to the responsibility of landlords and real estate agents with mould infestation. There is a large grey area over who is responsible to pay for mould remediation plus a lack of knowledge about mould and its harmful effect on humans creates a perfect storm for ignorance in the community all the way up to the lawmakers.

NSW Government grant for Mould Removal

If you are living in Sydney and currently experiencing mould growth in your property, contact your local mould remediation services right away for an inspection. A full mould inspection report and air quality test will assist you with putting more pressure on the landlord to act. If you are experiencing any financial difficulty the NSW Government have provided a flood relief for all adults in NSW for up to $1000 and a child up to $500 to assist with cleaning up and mould remediation. This money can be claimed through the My.Gov service.

Free mould Inspection Sydney

AAA Mould Removal service has waived the mould site inspection fee for the month May 2022 for all Sydney postcodes valued at $199. You can get your property inspected for mould today for FREE.

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