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Building containment for mould removal

How to stop cross contamination during mould removal?

Mould removal is serious and you need to protect yourselves and your family so PPE and containment would be the first thing to consider before talking about processes and products.

Professional Mould removalist always consider the safety before the work starts.

Building of containment and decontamination area during mould removal work reduces the risk of cross contamination. Hence reduce the risk of spreading the mould spores to other areas and reduce the risk to the occupants.

Step by steps building a mould removal containment

  1. Use non structural timbers and box out the working area

  2. Use poly sheets to create temp walls

  3. Setup negative air units in the working area, should be min of 6 air exchange per hr

  4. Setup a smaller area next to the main containment to be use as a decontamination area

  5. Install zip walls to access the decontamination area and another zip wall for the containment area

  6. Turn on air machine unit to ensure your mould removal containment and decontamination area is strong enough for the negative air pressure.

Where to buy equipment for mould removal containment setup

Negative air units and zip wall can be hired from Kennards hire

Non structural timber can be purchase from bunnings

Poly sheets can be purchase at any hardware or painters store

If you have any questions about setting up containment for mould removal then reach out to one of our mould removalist experts. We will help you with any questions you need to answer. We are the mould doctor specialist so call us today.

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