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DIY Remove mould on windows

Almost every windowsill in Sydney right now, in fact the entire East Coast of Australia is mouldy to some extent.

What is the reason for mouldy windows

The most common reason for mould windows is moisture caused by condensation around the windows. Mainly on the glass, stainless steel frames and the windowsill. As the weather is colder outside during winter and its warmer inside the dew point temperature on surfaces also reach point of condensation.

There are many other factors that also contribute to the elevation of moisture in a house. As a home owner you should be proactive at checking all your homes often and have a maintenance and cleaning schedule I.e clean gutters, ventilation, build repairs.

Without regular building maintenance and cleaning work done, the risk of organic load build up and the chance of moisture entering the house due to poor maintenance and repair of critical areas like doors, windows, roof, ceilings and any water intrusion problems. Once the organic building up combined with high humidity, it's a perfect environment for mould growth.

Our field mould removalist officers in Sydney have seen sp many examples of poorly maintenance house and inadequate cleaning schedules which is the root cause of mould.

How to keep moisture and humidity low

There is a few way a home owner can do to reduce humidity and bring the moisture down to prevent mould growth

  1. Open door and windows to ventilate the house. Note only open doors and windows when humidity level outdoor is lower then indoor

  2. Use of dehumidifier to mechanically remove moisture

  3. Check all doors and windows to ensure all seals are are in good condition

  4. Ensure ceiling have insulation

  5. Ensure walls have insulation

  6. Check all walls around the house for any problems with water intrusion

  7. Check subfloor to ensure there is no raising damp

  8. Fix all building defects immediately

So how do you clean mould on windows

Mould cleaning is easy but the preparation process and the ongoing maintenance is very time consuming and can be complicated and expensive.

With a team of mould expert in Sydney and our mould removalist technician on the field we ha e come up with a fool proof steps by step guide on how to clean mould at home by yourself and save some money vs using a professional mould remediation company.

Note DIY mould removal at home should be only light surface mould caused by elevated humidity and not caused by water damage

Remember when performing mould removal make sure you have all the safety PPE plus all the necessary air scrubbers units to prevent cross contamination

Read our other on the mould removalist blog for step by step guide on how to build a negative air containment for mould removal

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