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Does dehumidifier helps to treat mould

The short answer is NO. Dehumidifier do not remove mould spores or treat mould.

Dehumidifier is an important equipment fighting against preventing mould and reducing the mould replication life cycle.

As you may be aware that mould thrive in moisture surfaces and high humidity creates moisture surface because of dew point temperature on those surfaces. Once dew point is reached condensation will start and water vapour will form on those surfaces. Hence the humidity will increases and mould growthwill start if those surfaces left moist and do not dry sufficiently in time.

Ways to reduce humidity in a home quickly

  1. Use dehumidifier

  2. Ventilation

  3. Use air conditioning units

There are many other ways if your building is severely water damage but in this article we will only look at raising damp and environmental moisture and not water damage causing mould.

If you are not sure always call a mould expert like AAA MOULD REMOVAL. One of our mould inspection field guys will drop in for a free mould inspection

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