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How Natural Mould Removal Really Works?

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

AAA Mould Removal is a member of IAQA. We strive to provide a natural mould remediation service to give our clients the best possible indoor air quality.

Why you should choose natural to remove mould

AAA Mould Removal company Sydney is the only company in Australia that is committed to performing mould removal according to the IICRC S520 STANDARDS. Our mould removalist company is an IICRC Mould Removal Certified firm. We are the best Sydney mould removal company in 2022.

  • Experienced Mould Remediation Technician

  • Experienced Microbial Mould Inspector

  • Experience Inspector for mould inspection and Technician for mould removalist

Always remember that the best way is to prevent mould in your home in the first place if you have health issues. If you notice any moisture in the house, then it could create mould and mildew in the long term.

A few common causes for mould spores in the house are poor ventilation or a water leak and the most common chemical everyone goes to these days is hydrogen peroxide.

The Process of Mould Removal Remediation

There are three important stages of mould remediation in a building:

1. Identifying and rectifying the sources of water or moisture intrusion that are allowing the

opportunity for mould to grow – our qualified technicians are trained and accredited in this


2. Removal of visible surface contamination in relevant areas – this is achieved by deep

cleaning with a HEPA-filtered Vacuum device.

3. Removal of remaining mould root structure, hyphae, spores, and mycotoxins from the

affected areas..

All of these phases of remediation are performed efficiently and promptly to leave

the premises in a cleansed, healthy condition.

Following the remediation, it is suggested that preventative maintenance using UV-C

Disinfection be used to maintain a healthy indoor environment, along with practical

measures to increase the ventilation of the residence.

The Natural Mould Removal Product

Our surface clean is an all-natural and non-toxic solution that has been proven to remove mould from most surfaces. We are the leader in Sydney mould removal, using the latest natural products and the latest technology to detect mould and moistures.

There are many products out there on the market today that claim to remove mould naturally, the most basic product in your house that can be used to remove mould is white vinegar and water for light surface mould. If you have an extensive mould issue and require a mould treatment and an inspection, then it's time to contact a mould specialist in Sydney to help you out. There are many essential oils or even baking soda used to remove mould.

All are effective, but if the root cause of the mould growth in the first place is not addressed, then the problem is not fixed.

AAA Mould Removal is a well-respected and most trusted Mould Remediation company in Sydney. Book online for a free mould inspection Sydney wide

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