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Latest Sydney Mould Remediation Job in Campsie

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

A typical unit in south western Sydney affected with mould. It starts as very small spot in the windows reveal and eventually spreading through out the house with weeks.

2022 is a really bad year for mould in Sydney, the humidity level is high and record breaking rainfall is a perfect storm for mould growth.

We have seen many locations across Sydney affected with mould, from North Sydney all the way to the Blue Mountains.

How easy it is to remove mould? It depends on who you ask? Clean the surface is quite easy, anyone can do it with a rag. However, cleaning the surface will not eliminate the mould. Think of mould a list grass in your yard, if you trim the top it will grow back even stronger. Mould is exactly the same, the root and body is beneath the surface, if you just clean the surface it will regrow even stronger. Additionally, where mould exist there are mould spore that will be migrating from room to room in your house.

A recent mould remediation job we did it Campsie, Sydney for a unit of 2 bedroom and a open plan kitchen and dining. The mould started in the baby's room and spreading around the house. The point of entry for mould in this unit was the baby's room via the windows.

The level of humidity are very high in this room record at around 75%, there are also signs of windows seal fault. On top of this there are no adequate ventilation i.e no fans or air conditioning.

AAA Mould removal provide the tenant at this premises a free quote and recommendation for remediation.

Some of the recommendation to reduce mould in the premises is enable ventilation using fan or air conditioning. Repairs all windows seals and the use of UVC Sterile Light.

The bulk of the remediation work was the natural based mould removal process based on the IICRC S520 STANDARDS. This is a all natural solution technique using air scrubbers, soft detergents, source removal and Hepa Vacumm to remove mould spores.

If your house or unit in Sydney experience mould problems during the recent rain, call us for a free site inspection today.

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