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Mould removal in Sydney

This is an extreme case of humidity in a a bathroom causing mould and paint damage.

How to remove mould from bathroom ceiling?

When it comes to Mould Removal it's not a matter is it easy or is it hard. It's a matter of how to do it safe and do it right without cross contamination and spreading it more.

Professional mould remediation company uses a Hepa Vacumm to Vacumm the surface mould first before and damp wipe. This will minimise the distribution of aerosol spores with the wiping action.

But before you think about mould removal at home by yourself, ensure to think about the prevention of spread the mould to other parts of the house. And make sure you are do it safely with all the right protective gear for mould removal.

Continue to read the following to see where to buy all the mould removal gears

Where to buy safety gear for mould removal?

You can go to and PPE supplies in your local area and purchase the following:

  1. P3 face mask

  2. Type 5/6 overall

  3. Safety glasses or goggles

  4. Vinyl gloves

How prevent cross contamination during mould removal?

If you are a professional then you need to create a containment with Negative Air. If you are doing it yourself at home then you need to go and hire a Negative air unit or a air scrubber at Kennards hire or Coates hire.

It is important during mould removal work to have a negative air established in the working area because it will prevent cross contamination by keeping any mould spores inside the area. Negative air prevents moulds from travelling out of containment as the air only flows in and not out.

How to setup containment for mould removal?

Go down to Bunnings and purchase some poly sheets. The thicker the better, it needs to be able to hold the pressure in the containment.

Sealed all entry to to working area with poly sheets. Closed all gaps.

Once completed setup containment, switch on the negative air unit.

What product beat to use for mould removal on ceilings?

The are many decontamination products on the market that can remove mould from hard surfaces. Most antimicrobial products will do the same job. For light surface bound mould is it possible to use everyday household detergent.

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